WELCOME to Moduloc System Engineering

We are a German, Chinese, UK Engineering Company located in Yantai, Shandong province in China. We develop, produce and market non-contact optical sensors and measuring systems for velocity, length, distance, width, thickness, level and position of cold as well as hot material.


We offer Products for industrial Application

We are your partner for providing solutions in different industrial branches. Namely the metals industry, car, chemical, paper, ceramic and other industries such as mining or warehousing.

Beyond full service of our products

we offer cooperation in establishing presence in China and can serve as agency for your products. Our experienced and international Team provides help and information in many languages: German, English, Russian, Polish and Chinese.

Press Releases
New Product Relsease

New 2D/3D Laser Scanner .

New Product Relsease

Laser Distance Meter MSE-LDS30 .

New Product Relsease

Color Sensor MSE-CR100 .

New Product Relsease

Velocity & Length Sensors MSE-V320.

Release of our new Homepage

providing more information, better structur and new look

New Filter for LT150

providing better air purge and filtering increased the max. temperature

Cooling & Protection Housing V280

provides cooling and nozzle for air purge

Peltier Protection & Cooling Housing

providing cooling by Peltier Elements and adjustable Protection Housing

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