MSE-CF500 - Digital Camera Level Sensor

This Gauge is purpose built to determine the thickness of the hot plate at the reversing Stand in the Plate Mill The Gauge utilizes Class II Laser Triangulation Meters (LTMs) across the C-Frame to determine both the thick-ness of the plate in conjunction with automatic calibration identify the distortions in the gauge frame due to ambient changes and radiant heat are compensated of the thickness output. In addition, the frame temperature is monitored by implanted thermocouples that are used in the Gauge Controller algorithms. By this means this Gauge automatically compensates for any distortions and provides high-resolution thickness measurement provided regardless of the effect of such temperature changes.

Whilst other Thickness Gauges are unable to provide accurate measurement off both thick and thin plate from one Gauge and require calibration for the various steel alloys that commonly need measuring, this gauge operates over a wide plate thickness range, as well as measuring turn-up, and is totally unaffected by alloy content. In addition, there are no x-ray or radioactive isotopes that need to be controlled when in use.

Provides thickness to 0.010 mms (10 micron) standard deviation and repeatability via moving average analysis measurement off plate thicknesses from 3 mm to 150 mm thick. Resolution to 10 micron.

  • Gauge totally protected by external suspended water cooled radiators and insulated stainless reflectors
  • Each Laser mounted in independent cooled chamber
  • Measures independent of alloy content and provides high resolution independent of plate thickness
  • Low cost solution, yet high accuracy as automatic zeroing and temperature compensation algorithm
  • Gauge automatically calibrated off Certified standard on each insertion or as in use
  • Various Gauge options - single spot or multi-point for full plate profile
  • Flat resistive touch screen with user friendly graphics on floor standing cabinet
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