Our Products

Velocitymeter - Velocity & Length

With the MSE-V508 Velocitymeters we offer exceptionally robust and dependable, yet economically priced devices, that measure length and speed.

Laser Distance Meters - Product Measurement & Crane Control

We offer many different Laser Distance Meters (LDMs) for distance and position measurement in industrial applications.

Hot Metal Detectors, HMD Scanners & Loopers

We offer different Hot Metal Detectors and HMD Scanners for use in the metal industry.

Retro Laser Detectors

MSE-RT20 Retro Laser Detectors operate over exceptional range off a reflector mounted up to 25 m away. Provide high resolution and very fast detection of product, be it cold or red hot.

Line Scan Cameras - Width, position & Pin Hole

The MSE-CCD Line Scan Cameras are intelligent devices for position, width measurement and pinhole detection in industrial applications.

Laser Triangulation Meters - Precise Width, Thickness & Level

These range of MSE-AL500 high resolution Laser Triangulation Meters (LTM's) are compact units with integrated laser emitter and evaluation CCD Camera for precise measurement of product or liquid metal level.

Plate Thickness Measurement

The MSE-CF500 is purpose built Thickness Gauge utilizing high-resolution Laser measuring devices.

MSE-HMD95 Remote HMD with many Lens options

The MSE-HMD95 Remote Hot Metal Detector is available with various Remote Lenses. Spot lenses with 1° to 7° view and high accuracy rectangular FOV lens. All rated to 400° C spec. Also special remote lenses for mounting "under-the-line" for crop shear use.

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