MSE-V508 - Length & Speed Measurement

The MSE-V508 is a white light non-contact optical Velocity and Length Sensor which uses a CCD array operating under the “spacial filter” filtering principle to calculate length and velocity of a variety of products. The product length can be determined to an accuracy of 0.1% for continuous product and provides sheet length measurement to better than 5mm accuracy.

  • Suitable for nearly all materials, such as metal, paper, textiles, plastics, rubber, ceramics and timber
  • Ideal for the measurement of a wide range of products, including tapes, rails, plates, foils, tubes, profiles, cables, wires, ropes, etc.
  • Caters for various processes such as cutting, positioning, regulation, inspection, quality control
  • Examples: Length and speed measurement at winders, length cutting units, coating and inspection lines; velocity measurement in paper machines for example at pulb, web and paper; inspection of cut length of pipes and profiles; provision of velocity signals for testing purposes, velocity regulation and cutting control for extruders
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