MSE-HMD100 - Hot Metal Detector

The MSE-HMD100 is a fully digital “All-in–One” Hot Metal Detector uniquely incorporating a bar display showing the % IR input signal relative to the pre-set threshold as well as programmable thresholds and response times via simple programming switch action. It provides the user an universal detector that can be used throughout the mil. Costly multiple inventory can be replaced by one Detector.

The MSE-HMD100 Hot Metal Detector is a robust sensor activated by the infra-red radiating from the hot product. Impervious to water or steam it is built to withstand the harshest of environments. The product is detected via a highly stable InGaAs Photodiode to ensure detection regardless of heavy water and steam and incorporates filtering that removes the visible spectrum to minimize sensitivity to extraneous light. The precise 1° x 12° lens ensures accurate detection of strip and accommodates bar bounce.

  • Fully digital “All-in-One” Design
  • LED Bar Display of % IR input signal
  • Programmable 270°C to 1000°C Trip Level
  • Operates with 24VDC Supply
  • Programmable response times from 1ms to 250ms
  • Control Relay Output
  • NPN and PNP Transistor Outputs
  • Remote Self-Check Facility
  • Unique combined air purge and coolant facility
  • Optional Water Coolant Radiator & separate Air Purge


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